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Call to Action Letter - MIGS Program/CGA Activity

January 17, 2011

Dear Coaches, Gymnasts, Judges, Parents & Alumni,

By now you have heard about the plight of the Cal-Berkeley Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics teams. Both are being threatened with extermination unless a strong display of financial support emerges by January 31, 2011.

While both the Men’s and Women’s team are important to the national gymnastics landscape, it seems absolutely essential that the Men’s team continue to thrive. For this reason, the Men’s Intercollegiate Gymnastics Support Program (MIGS Program) is working with and on behalf of the Cal-Berkeley Men’s Gymnastics Team and Cal Gymnastics Forever to ensure viability and sustainability of the program. The Cal-Berkeley Women’s team will benefit from this effort as well since they are tied together by the Cal-Berkeley administration.

With that in mind, the MIGS Program is pledging a minimum of $1,000.00 per year for the next three years to Cal Gymnastics forever. In addition, we are hereby appealing to you to take immediate positive action to demonstrate your support for Cal-Berkeley Men’s Gymnastics and to all other Collegiate Gymnastics Teams.

Step 1: Go to and make a pledge (recommended $100/year for the next three years) to preserve the Cal-Berkeley Men’s Gymnastics team.

Step 2: Buy a “College Gymnastics Forever” t-shirt and wear it to every gymnastics event you attend this year. This is a great workout shirt as well so wear it to your workouts. You can get the t-shirt order form at

Fifty percent (50%) of proceeds from t-shirt orders received by January 28, 2011 will be pledged to Cal Gymnastics Forever and fifty percent (50%) will be directed to appropriate funds at the remaining 16 NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Teams and the 5 Coached College Club teams (ASU, MIT, U of Washington, Brockport, & James Madison).

We appeal to all team coaches to order t-shirts for your respective teams, coaches & parents (one order per team, please). All teams ordering t-shirts will be recognized on the MIGS Program web site. All teams ordering 40 or more t-shirts will also receive a “College Gymnastics Forever” banner to hang in your gym.

Procrastination is not an option! In the words of Don Robinson, former head Coach at ASU, “DO IT NOW!!!”. Your positive and timely response is essential to preserving, protecting and expanding collegiate gymnastics opportunities for our young gymnasts and the National Treasure of Men’s Intercollegiate Gymnastics. The future of this National Treasure (a huge contributor to the Life Cycle of Men’s Gymnastics and a critical component to the development of our National Team) really depends on YOU.

Thank you for your prompt consideration of this very important matter. And remember, in order for us to pledge to Cal Gymnastics Forever by January 31, orders must be received by January 28, 2011. So please, ACT NOW!
Best regards,
Bob Wuornos

Founder and Executive Director

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